18 Apr

 During 2019, I started binge watching the Crown on Netflix. Apart from developing a serious crush on Claire Foy, for me the highlight of the first two series was always when wicked "Uncle David"- HRH The Duke of Windsor  turned up. Things always seemed to be going well for the Queen and usually "Uncle David" would ruin the day- not get invited to things,  trying to fix up a job, looking for some cash or just trying to suppress those rather embarrassing Nazi documents. By coincidence on my travels during 2019, I keep running across traces of him. When I was doing research in Asiago and Montello, I found out that he had been in both  during the First World War. While playing golf in Estoril, I discovered that he used to play golf on the same course during his brief exile in Portugal. Up near the Boca Inferno in Cascais, I found where he used to live. While I was writing this , I also discovered that he used to enjoy cocktails in my preferred Roman watering hole, the Excelsior Hotel on the Via Veneto. 

Part One is a brief survey on what the POW got up to during the First World War . https://www.robertspublications.com/articles/the-prince-of-wales-on-the-italian-front-1917-1918 

Part Two will cover his sojourn in Estoril  ( when the translation of various things gets finished) . Part Three will hopefully involve some more golf courses when the lockdown finishes. 

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