Alan Roberts is the author of a number of books on the local history of Buxton and the surrounding area . While working as a research scientist at Harpur Hill, Alan became interested in landscape history and roamed the hills surrounding Buxton in his spare time, looking for clues to past events. He has written books on this theme, covering coal mines, quarries, turnpike roads and water mills - all key elements in the development of the town of Buxton. . David Roberts graduated in History from the University of Lancaster before becoming sidetracked into a career in International Taxation and moving to Italy. David's research interests include miltary history  ( especially the 60th Regiment of Foot)  , the history of Milan, Ernest Hemingway and Italian football history. While out on one of his rambles, Alan unearthed the story of two long forgotten Prisoner of War Camps , near Buxton and started to research the history. David came on board to add some more general historical background and generally help out on proceedings, Alan and David established Roberts Publications to publish "Breaking Stones - Two World War One Prisoner of War Camps  near Buxton, Derbyshire, 1917-1919" and also to reissue some of Alan's previously out of print publications. David is working on  two new books  bringing on First World War connections between Buxton and Northern Italy and the influence of Hungarian footballers in Itaky between the wars. While Alan and David established Roberts Publications to publish and (hopefully) sell their own works, they are more than happy to consider works by any other history buffs with similarly obscure interests.

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